Informational videos, including advertisements, are generally short in time and require a well-scripted, on-point message to inform the prospective individual and future client/customer. Carefully crafted, these videos are increasingly being expected on websites and offer a first glimpse of a product or service. Studies have shown that video offers a +93% retention rate, much higher than traditional media, such as pictures and text. Consequently, a focus on the use of video, in addition to its proper production, is of high importance in any business.

Fighter Law

Bella Lago

Boehm and Boehm are unsurpassed in their professionalism and commitment to excellence.  I have hired them for several projects and have found their work to exceed my expectations on every level.  I trust them to provide top-notch video production at a price that is extremely competitive and I appreciate their willingness to do whatever it takes to complete the job on-time and on-budget.”

Mellanie Bartlett, President Sweeney & Bartlett Marketing Partners, Inc.