Certified Legal Video Services

proven successful in civil & criminal cases in county and federal court

Video Depositions

Nothing has been proven to be more effective during pre-trial hearings or during the trial itself, than the presentation of visual evidence. Words are important, but words backed up by video are still far more effective in presenting the important facts that could very well end up being the swaying factor in getting a favorable verdict.

Recognizing the requirements of Rule 30 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and hold the Certified Court Video Specialist certification by the American Guild of Court Videographers (AGCV), we ensure not only legal but also technical expertise.  Each deposition is recorded onto digital memory cards and DVD simultaneously, using broadcast grade video and audio equipment. By avoiding fragile video tapes, there’s no need to interrupt a deposing attorney to break for a tape change. Multiple camera shoots, including split-screen setups with deponent and deposing attorney are also possible. We offer a full line of duplication services, regardless of format or quantity. In addition, we provide text-to-video synchronization services and deposition editing services to create individual arrangements of clips from the testimony; without ever altering the original video.



Specialty Video Applications

Boehm & Boehm provides more than just standard legal video services. This particular video documents the condition of a road and its surroundings by using a car-mount tripod. Embedding GPS information accurately tracks movement and rules out room for speculation.

No audio


Railroad track and train survey with measurements, documenting a thorough and accurate investigation.

No audio

Video Editing

With all professional video, video editing is a neccessity. Particularly if your video is ending up being used in trial you don’t want to take risks. Does your case include countless hours of testimony on video? Whether it’s a short “highlights” piece or different compilations of clips to be best prepared, Boehm & Boehm will take care of all your challenges.  Does your case involve surveillance video footage? Video CDs from a private investigator? Videotapes? Regardless of platform, format, type of video – Boehm & Boehm can assist you in providing viewable formats of all videos and provide an edited version to support your case. All projects are edited in-house using either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere CS6 to accommodate any possible requirements.

To ingest analog video sources, a variety of interfaces and AD-converters provide capturing of every possible format up to 10-bit uncompressed. NTSC/SECAM/PAL sources can be converted/used. We can deliver media in both Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX file systems (NTFS/exFat, HFS+).

Medical Videography

A Independent Medical Examination (IME) is being performed when a doctor examines a patient who has had no prior involvement in the patient’s care, often applying in cases relating to liability.  A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) focuses on an individual’s physical abilities, accomplished by utilizing a set of objective tests in conjunction with the therapist’s observation.  We accurately document each of the steps involved and provide you with the evidence a written report cannot always reveal.

Mock Trials

Prepare your case and present it by creating a mock trial. Document the procedure to review your presentation, the reaction and development to improve your impact at trial. With dual-camera setups and TVs in a separate room, your staff and you can conveniently monitor all activity.

Text-to-Video Synchronization

The most convenient way to review testimony is by having Boehm & Boehm combine the video with the transcript and synchronizing it. The video can easily be retrieved by simply clicking passages, and any position in the video will automatically indicate where in the transcript it occured. It’s the easiest way to select video clips for use in court or a mediation.

For all videotaped depositions, we can provide synchronized DVDs. By using inData’s standalone DepoView implementation, you can easily access any part in the deposition with a click on the corresponding part of the transcript. In addition, we can synchronize previously shot testimony from third-parties and provide you with the most convenient method to watch your depositions.

Boehm & Boehm uses inData products for easy, independent viewing on any PC/Mac or TV with DVD player and allowing other products, such as Trial Director, to easily import any synchronized media for use in its databases.

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