Defender Summer School 2014

Stock up on CLE with:

• Brockton Hunter: Echoes of War: Defending Veterans in Criminal Court
• Dr. Stephen Nelson: Autopsy Above The Neck
• Elyn Saks: Forced Meds & Competency
• Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter: Tools for Identifying Psycho-Legal Issues
• Steven Jacobson: Winning Cold Cases with DNA Hits
• Samantha Buckingham: Adolescent Brain Mitigation

• Paul Carroll: How Do I Get You to Confess?
• Dr. Richard Martinez: Investigation and Prep of the NGRI Case
• Richard Orisini: Document Exam
• Brockton Hunter: PTSD Workshops
• Samantha Buckingham: Prison Pipeline
• Dr. Sherrie Bourg-Carter: Ethical Obligations When You’re Burnt Out
• Steven Jacobson: Advanced DNA

• Charles Ehrhardt: Annual Evidence Review
• Dr. Thomas Heinrich: How Physical Health Impacts Mental Function
• Barry Richard: Security, Pseudo-Patriotism and the Erosion of American Liberties
• Colette Tvedt: Eyewitness Identification & Questionable Confessions
• Lisa Wayne: Jury Selection
• Colette Tvedt: 99 Problems and the Cops Ain’t One

Format: DVDs
Price: Private Practitioners – $295.00 plus $5.95 s/h (sales tax where applicable); PD/Regional Conflict Counsel – $200.00 plus $5.95 s/h (sales tax where applicable); Law Students – $90.00 plus $5.95 s/h (sales tax where applicable)
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